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Have you been dreaming of mouth-watering and scrumptious steaks lately? Well, most of us do. After all, cravings for steaks are worth it.


For those who love to eat soft meat loaded with spices, steaks can be a dream come true. Whether you crave meat or not, the steak will never let you down.


So, if you are in Singapore and finding places to eat scrumptious steak, we are here to guide you. We did our research and handpicked the best 5 steakhouse Singaporewhere you can relish in the awesomeness of meat like no other.


Before we get into it, we wish to let go of your guilt and give you a few more reasons to indulge in steak. Let’s have a look.


The Perks of Your Steak Obsession


Are you one of those people who love steak yet feel a little guilty about indulgence? Well, after reading this you won’t be.


  • Steak is one of the best protein sources and consuming steak can fill your daily protein intake. It has about 20 grams per 100 grams with 176 calories.
  • Also, steak is a good source of iron making it an excellent choice for those who are likely to suffer from anaemia. In addition, red meat is also easily absorbed by the body. One serving of steak contains 15% of your recommended daily iron intake.
  • Another potential benefit of eating steak is that it is rich in nutrients that our body requires to function including carnosine and creatine. It is also a good source of vitamin B, selenium, and zinc.
  • Surprisingly, steak can also help you in smiling. New studies have shown that steak is an excellent food for maintaining oral health. Red meat is rich in phosphorus which plays a key role in protecting bone and tooth enamel.
  • Lastly, steaks are even good for your mental health and wellbeing. Several studies have shown that eating red meat owes to a lower incidence of mental health disorders.


So, are you convinced enough? Now, get ready for the best 5 steakhouse Singapore places where you can avail all these benefits from steak.


5 Best Steakhouse in Singapore


  • Dan’s Steaks


What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about steak? Let us tell you ours, we think of a nicely grilled steak which is soft and juicy from the inside, smells divine, and takes you into some other world (give us a plate of steak, already).


Fortunately, Singapore is blessed with a steakhouse that not only matches this imagination but surpasses it with its phenomenal taste. Yes, we are referring to Dan’s Steaks Bar and Grill.


The idea of Dan’s Steaks was conceptualized in Phase 1 of Singapore’s Circuit Breaker period when Dan started serving delicious sous-vide steaks seared to perfection. These huge 1.2 kph steals were complimented with sides and condiments which instantly became a hit.


The popularity of Dan’s Steaks can be attributed to the fact that people are even ready to wait on a one-month waitlist. In October 2020 when Dan stopped serving the steaks, he was approached by hundreds of people to continue the business, and guess what? He did.


So, here we are preventing the best steakhouse Singapore Dan’s Steaks where you go through the menu and order online. Apart from steaks, you can find an excellent selection of sides and condiments that can make your family full and happy.


In the steak section, you can select from many varieties including US Angus Striploin 1 kg, US bone-in rib eye 1-1.2 kg, and NZ grass-fed tenderloin 900 g to 1 kg. In addition, you can also select the doneness of beef according to your palate. With this, you can accompany buttered vegetables, honey balsamic tomatoes, or garlic pasta for a wholesome dinner.


  • Butcher’s Block


The next spot on our list is the Butcher’s Block.


If you wish to experience a twist to traditional steakhouses, Butcher’s Block at the Raffles Hotel is the one for you. The ambiance and interior of the place are modern and sleek. The most interesting part of this place is the glass cooler where you can drool at chunks of meat as well as watch the maestros cooking it for you.


The place offers you some delectable choices including chophouse staples from the beef tartare mixed with mustard, shallots, and caper to the 1.2 pkg WX Rangers Valley MBS 7+ Côte de Boeuf Bone-in Ribeye which gives you a gigantic look t your meal.


In addition, you can also have small cuts including the 450 g Black Market Angus MBS 5 Club Steak Bone-in Sirloin as well as 150 g Kagoshima Wagyu in cuts of striploin or rib eye.


  • Morton’s Singapore


Located in the cosy setting on the fourth floor of the luxurious Mandarin Oriental, Morton’s Steakhouse is an old-school or traditional steak house that can take you straight to New York City.


With the scrumptious steaks paired with a variety of wines, Morton’s is a place for steak with a bunch of trimmings including a show and tell ingredient trolley. The best one to try here is the centre cut filet mignon which promises you the software and tender steaks that you can have. The cut is paired with finely diced bacon to go for.


  • The Feather Blade


The chef right from the streets of London brings you the succulent steaks with his eatery called the Feather Blade and the chef we are talking about is Sheen Jet Leong.


He brings 200g juicy grilled beef paired with Sichuan peppercorn sauce or classic bearnaise. Also, the eatery offers a wide range of sides from mushroom medley, truffled cream corn, mashed potatoes, and creamed spinach.


Along with tender cuts, you can have weekly specials including picanha, bavette, and chuck eye steaks as well.

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