Large Cut Steaks


1-1.2kg cuts with 2 sides, perfect for sharing!


30 stock total

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Delicious Steak Sets good for 3-4 pax

  • FOC 3 Sides
  • FOC 4 Condiments
  • FOC delivery

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US Black Augus Greater Omaha Bone-In Ribeye 1.2kg $168

Anzo Riverlands Tenderloin 1kg $138

Sea salt flakes
Special mustard
Garlic confit
Beef Jus


NZ Grass fed Tenderloin 900g-1kg $138, US Angus Picanha Roast 900g $72, US Black Angus Greater Omaha Bone-In Ribeye (1.2kg) $168, USDA Prime Ribeye (600g) $98

Doneness of Beef

Medium Rare Plus, Medium, Medium Rare, Medium Plus

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