Small Cut Steaks

Delivering warm to you between 12-1pm (Lunch) 6-7pm (Dinner).

All deliveries depend on location.

Steaks comes with side of famous honey balsamic tomatoes, Free delivery above $85 – Please order 4 hours in advance!

Angus Tenderloin – Succulent, tender and lean $36

Angus Ribeye – Flavourful and juicy. $32

Angus Striploin – small strip of fat, with beefy bite $29

220g Wagyu Hanger – house special $35

270g Wagyu Ribeye – Luxurious melt in your mouth experience $68

600g USDA ribeye (for two) – Superior marbling $95

30 stock total

Additional Sides

Dan's Steaks Sides

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